Hello and Welcome to The Hydrogen Answer

An individual hydrogen supply, produced by an ‘on-site’ Micro Energy Generation system, using renewable energy sources, complete with a fuel specific hydrogen motor, able to power an extended range electric vehicle.

Renewable Energy.
Off-Grid Household,
Low-voltage electrics,
Extremely low emissions,
Hydrogen Fuel supply,
“zero emission car”

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  1. Hi Charles, There was energy storage activity using hydrogen in the early 1990s. In 1993, I proposed a concept to build a system as well as develop design and operation optimization models. Thanks to a DOE grant, I was able to pursue that and we finished the 1st system in 1999. Two presentations of that concept are here. They are similar, but each presentation has some different and useful information as well.

    • Alvin Scott says:

      Hi Glenn, I have just got round to reading all the stuff in your comments it is there for others to read. I have also received information from Ry in Canada referring to a hydrogen village project that he was responsible for I will have to get my son to bring it onto the comments page.
      Thanks again.
      Best Regards
      Al Scott

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